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Carried out in 2008 as the first investment of Via Properties in Istanbul, Viaport Asia Outlet Shopping has become one of the most visited centres in Turkey today.

Built over a total 365 thousand m2 space, Viaport Asia has become the heart of social life thanks to its 250 stores, 4000-vehicle carpark, amusement centres, cinemas and other facility addressing all other needs.

Designed in a street concept with its outdoor architecture, Viaport Asia offers the quality to its customers at affordable prices at its stores designed in an “outlet” concept. Offering an atmosphere in touch with the nature at the food courts situated by the lakeside away from the commotion of the city, Viaport Asia opens the doors to a natural life in touch with the peacocks, rabbits, dogs and cats.

One of the popular living centres preferred by families with children, Viaport Asia peaks the fun with the Ponny Club, Amusement Centre, bowling and cinema.

The flowers of the season, placed along the roadside in the streets designed in the style of a Mediterranean town, marry the glitter of the windows and create a fantastic view. Located at Viaport Asia, the Bedesten (Covered Bazaar), which is designed to reflect the miniature architecture of the Grand Bazaar, literally takes our visitors to a journey into history. Making a strong impression thanks to its dome decorated by the National Artists in 3 months, Bedesten is one of most popular spots of the visitors thanks to its acoustic structure and majesty.

Located at the Viaport Asia, Crowne Plaza Istanbul Asia is the primary preference of accommodation for the foreign visitors. Viaport Asia, 10 min. drive to Sabiha Gokcen, welcomes 30 percent of 25 million visitors annually.

Also selected as one of the most successful MALL investments in Turkey thanks to its location and architecture and functions, Viaport Asia welcomes its 10th year with a great enthusiasm.

Viaport Asia , all colours of life are here…

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